A random stop at Point2 Running Store to buy some shoelaces led me to talking to Peter Wolf.  From there I joined the Wingnutz Running Team for the Sandy Bottom 24 Hour Run for Cancer in April. This in turn led to several new Facebook friends, which culminated in a message last Friday about a ‘Pub Run’ being organized. I couldn’t miss this.  The plan was to meet at Newport News Park, run 7-8 miles to Yorktown Pub, have some refreshments and run back.  We ran a nice easy pace just talking and enjoying the scenery on an unseasonably warm day.

The pub was a little more crowded than any of us would have preferred, so 2 beers and we were off.

All told it was a great day, met a lot of good people and had a lot of fun.  We discussed an upgrade of sorts, taking in most of the Peninsula to include a refueling every 5 miles or so.  I ended up logging just over 16 miles.

Today, however, game over and time for some serious running.  21 miles at a hard effort.  The heart rate monitor I have always seems to read crazy numbers for about the first mile and a half so I’ve become accustomed to ignoring it in the beginnning.  I always run marathons at an average heart rate of 165 – 167, so my plan for today was to run at near race pace effort.  As Kilian says, “50% physical, 50% mental”, so also on the agenda was to run long and hard, alone, to simulate those dark miles of the marathon when you can find yourself alone but still have a long way to go.  I slacked a little near the end.  This may be due to drinking very little.  I had a bottle of coffee flavored Perpetuem but didn’t finish it.  I don’t know why they make it taste like vomit.  I WILL NOT be drinking this on race day!

I dug out some test results from November for comparison.  The results are promising; I’m running the same pace at close to 8 bpm slower heart rate.  I take that to mean training is working!