Its the time of year when I plan out my racing season.  I typically have a rough idea of what I plan to do two years out.  This is kind of a necessity when participating in endurnce events that are hard to get in to, quite expensive, and sometimes require training in multiyear cycles.  Perhaps this is, in part why I like these events.  My goals for 2011 were

  • March – Virginia Beach Marathon – goal to gauge fitness. Finished in about 2:59.
  • April – Sandy Bottom 24 Hour run – goal > 100 miles.  Completed 101.25 miles with heavily blistered feet.  Missed an opportunity for a win.
  • June – Bighorn 100 mile ultramarathon – goal to finish close to 24 hours, or at least under the cutoff time of 35 hours.  Finished in about 33:24 in good shape physically but with feet so blistered I was reduced to walking.
  • September – Savageman 1/2 Ironman – goal to make it up the wall and finish well. Made it up the wall.  Final time was ok.  I don’t recall the number.
  • November – Richmond Marathon – goal to run best marathon, under 2:50 but hopefully closer to 2:40.  I didn’t show up.

A few weeks prior to the Richmond race I got a call from an agent I work with.  He had a gig for me from 2:00-4:00 the day of the race.  The client had requested me.  I got a good laugh when he said, “You can make it from Richmond to Yorktown..”  I actully considered trying it, but sanity prevailed and I skipped the race.  Training had not gone well due to a hurt foot and there was no way I would have run a fast race so I let it go.  From a more practical standpoint, I earn more money from playing the guitar than from running.

So for 2012, the year I turn 50, I am thinking about 2 marathons, a mountain ultra at 100 miles, and possibly an Ironman in September.  I won’t know until early next year which races I am able to get into, but am mainly doing triathlon training.  Last weeks training was a bit thin:

  • Swim – 2.7 miles
  • Bike – 43 miles
  • Run – 18 miles

But I did get in a threshold test on one of my runs so I have a benchmark as I close in on the half century.