Still feeling some ankle pain so I am mostly biking and swimming.  About 20 minutes into today’s bike ride I decided to see if I could tell when it is best to ride in a tucked versus upright position.  It feels so much easier on the heart to be sitting upright, I have always wondered if there is some sweet spot to try for.  I picked out a 2 mile loop and decided to ride a series of loops alternating sitting position and speed.  I was riding a Specialized Transition tri bike and wearing a Giro aerodynamic helment.

My first lap was at 17.3 mph tucked.  As soon as I started my second lap sitting up, riding was instantly harder.  I completed four tests at about 17.3 mph, then a lap at 20.4 mph.  The best I could do sitting upright was 19 mph.  Then I decided to slow down and check out the other end where the wind plays much less role.  I ran a couple more tests at 15.3 and 13.8 mph.

So here are the results.  Basically anytime I am going faster than 14 mph I need to be in a tucked position.  Much slower than I would have thought.