The last couple weeks of running have been pretty terrible. On one day I ran 4.5 miles barefoot followed by 10.5 miles in minimalist shoes and I think that was a bit more than the lower extremeties currently allow. I developed some achilles soreness so I backed off of mileage and speed. Toss in the extreme heat of the recent past and some outside committments and you get, well, not much.
So after a very good sleep last night and some tolerable weather today I was planning a good run for after work. Except that work hours had to be extended. We are trying to solve a leak and needed to place some pressure gauges and turn some valves.  Everything had to be started after 5 today, with everything reopened prior to 7am tomorrow.   So I left around 4:30 with my coworker Boban (from Bosnia). We finished up quickly and returned the company truck by around 5:45.  We decided to go get a beer to celebrate his recent promotion.  It is both an honor and humbling to spend time with someone who watched their country self destruct, then walked 300 miles through a war zone to escape to a country where they didn’t know one word of the language.

So 1 beer was really 3 beers which was probaly limited due to a soccer game at 7:00 for him and the need to run for me.  We talked briefly how your passion becomes a natural part of what you are.  Running or soccer are no longer limited to certain times, clothes, or preparation.  A 10 mile run after happy hour is as natural as walking across the lawn.  So what does a 10 mile run on 3 beers and no dinner look like?